Junior Training

GetFitFast offer Junior Training for all young people from ages 12+. These sessions give our junior clients the opportunity to get custom exercise programmes & routines tailored specifically to their goal. Being guided by our fitness professionals, they will be shown how to exercise safely and correctly every step of the way.

Why Junior Training

At GetFitFast we believe young people should learn the fundamentals of basic exercise and fitness at an early age, so they can carry over these skills and use the knowledge they gain throughout the rest of their life. Our facility gives young clients the ability to use, learn and understand a vast array of equipment and exercises in a fun and relaxed environment . In our 1-1 PT sessions we teach our junior’s how to properly structure a training session, how to perform exercises correctly and safely, as well as getting maximum benefit and results from their time spent in the gym.

The Benefits of Junior Training

  • Weight Loss
  • Improving Sports Performance 
  • Boosting Confidence 
  • Increasing Strength & Muscle Mass
  • Improving Speed & Balance 
  • Establishing Routine & Good Habits
  • Learning Exercise Protocols That Can Be Used For Life
  • Injury Rehabilitation 
  • Diet & Nutrition Guidance.
If you are interested and would like to find out more information regarding our Junior Training Sessions please Contact Us.