30 Minute HIIT Sessions

We also offer 30 minute HIIT Sessions for 1-1 or Small Group Training. If you have limited time or need to get in the gym more frequently, these sessions are for you! These sessions are high intensity, high calorie burning workouts, and we will track all aspects of performance to ensure you are improving week on week. You will also be provided with nutrition guidance and lifestyle tracking to maximise your results inside and outside of the gym.

What You Get In Your Package

  1. 30 Minute HIIT Sessions & Exercise Programme Designed To Your Specific Goal

  2. Tailored Nutrition Plan With Specific Calorie & Macronutrient Targets

  3. Weekly Shopping List & Supplementation Guide

  4. Daily Lifestyle Tracker

  5. Exercise Programme For Outside Of Sessions

Keeping You Accountable

  1. 2x Weekly Check Ins To Ensure Compliance With Programme

  2. Bi Weekly Progress Checks & Goal Setting (Weight, Body Composition, Diet/Exercise Changes etc).

  3. Daily Communication with Trainer Via Whatsapp

Why HIIT Training?

* Promotes Fat Loss & Maintains Muscle Mass 

* High Calorie Burning During & Post Exercise 

* Improves Cardiovascular Fitness 

* Improves Muscular Endurance & Recovery 

* Time Efficient 

flexible packages
8 HIIT Sessions Per Month12 HIIT Sessions Per Month 
If you are interested in our 30 min HIIT Sessions and would like to book in a free taster session please Contact Us